Free shaped forged or seamless rolled according to this overview (up to 30 tons unit weight)

Forged discs and tube sheets

up to Ø 3450 mm OD and 30t weight

  • Tube sheets (for heat exchanger) finished machined and drilled

Forged, rolled bushes, LWN-flanges, flanges according to design

  • according to customer's drawing
  • according to EN1092-1, ASME B 16.5, MSS-SP 44, ASME B 16.47 
  • and other standards

Rolled and forged rings

  • Production capacity up to Ø 6000 mm OD and 30t weight

Forged tubes and shells (up to 30 tons unit weight)

  • up to Ø 3200 mm OD, length depending on weight
  • up to Ø 800 mm OD, up to 12 m length
  • smaller diameter up to 18 m length

Shafts and pins

  • length up to 16 m, drilled and turned
  • Straight shafts
  • stepped shafts
  • flange pin